Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hello there and welcome to a wonderful Wednesday post! I hope you all had an amazing holiday and look forward to this exciting new year! I had a wonderful vacation and have decided to share with you some photos from my adventures into the new year. 
First, here is a throwback to this little cutie when Lux was just 10 weeks old. This was when I first brought her home. Little did I know she would become a huge cat haha.

Moving along, our adventure began after Christmas with a trip to the Grand Canyon which is located in northern Arizona. It was a wonderful day to visit with the sun shining bright and little snow on the ground. This place has grown with the addition of new buildings since I had last visited as a child so it was neat to see the changes. If you get the chance you have to visit this amazing landmark and make sure to visit the visitor center and watch the eight minute presentation. The presentation goes over the formation of the canyon and is a free for everyone to enjoy.
 Pretty awesome right? These pictures are from the south rim of the canyon which is the most popular spot for pictures.

Next, our adventure led us to Flagstaff where we spent New Years night celebrating in the downtown area and visited one of my favorite places to eat, Collin's Irish Pub. If you visit you have to eat here and make sure to try our their macaroni and cheese menu. Many people questioned us on why we would go to Flagstaff for New Years and the answer is simple, a giant pine cone. No joke, at 10pm and midnight a giant pine cone is drop from a hotel while hundreds of people crammed into an intersection to party and celebrate the beginning of the new year. It is very cold but definitely an amazing experience if you are in the area. 

The last stop we made on our trip was through Sedona, AZ which is known for its beautiful red rock formations. Also Sedona has a huge shopping center where you can find unique shops like Dirt shirts, colored from Sedona's rocks to homemade sculpted candles. I love visiting Sedona for the beautiful scenery because you can definitely get amazing pictures. 
 The picture below is from last year but still pretty awesome. We were kind of sad that we did not see much snow this year.

Last, I wanted to share with you guys some of the paintings I have done so far. I painted this one for my stepmom for Christmas which is Nightmare Before Christmas themed. This painting was done by outlining the idea from a picture on my phone and painting it with acrylic paint. I think it turned out pretty nice. What do you think?

Also, in honor of the new Star Wars movie I painted a picture of a storm trooper using a picture from pinterest on my phone and acrylic paint. 

I was pretty happy with how these both turned out seeming how there was no tracing involved. Definitely looking forward to painting more and sharing them with you guys. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed today's post and make sure to keep checking back for more! Happy New Year!

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