Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hello there and welcome to a wonderful Sunday post! After a brief hiatus due to some life changes I am back and ready to pick back up right where we left off. I hope you all have been doing well as a lot has changed in my life. I graduated with my M.A., moved into a new house with my awesome roommate, and travel as often as possible with my super sweet boyfriend. Don't worry Lux loves her new space and I can't wait to share with you our new adventures :) But first..

As many of you know, or should know, Star Wars is coming out this week on Thursday so naturally I thought this post should be dedicated to Star Wars. Who doesn't need some Christmas gift ideas because face it, you probably do not have all your Christmas shopping done. 

For $100 you can make someone very happy with this limited edition loot crate box. Loot crate itself is a great gift idea to give as they send a themed box every month full of Pop dolls, comics, and other neat toys for your favorite geek. I myself have purchased this box as received a t-shirt, Mr. Potato head Darth Vader and much more that I do not want to spoil for you.  

Star Wars Planetary Glass Set

Are your normal everyday glasses boring and just not that awesome? Well you can do better by getting this awesome set of Star Wars themed drinking glasses! Right now they are on ThinkGeek for $50 but I am sure if you watch them they will drop in price. 

Star Wars Battlefront

Is your favorite Star Wars person short on cash and did not already buy Star Wars Battlefront? Well then you should definitely purchase it for them because I promise you this is on their Christmas list. You will not be able to find any good deals on this game right now as it is running for $60.00 but it is totally worth it. Click the link above to watch videos on game play and maybe become a little immersed yourself.

Star Wars Printed R2-D2 Stocking with Sound
So I totally bought a Christmas stocking that is close to identical to this one and it looks great on my mantel right next to Lux's. Nothing shows your holiday/Star Wars spirit more then a stocking to represent the most vulgar character in the Star Wars franchise. I mean come one, they bleeped out every word. Anywho, the link above will take you to ThinkGeek where you can purchase this stocking for around $30. As I mentioned, I found it at Target for around $20. 

Star Wars Coloring Book
Do you have an artistic person in your family who would just love to pass the time coloring? Well why not go ahead and make their day with this Star Wars adult coloring book. The lines are smaller, the details are more difficult, and overall a perfect gift. I found this one on Amazon for $11.95.

Star Wars Sphero BB-8 App Enabled Droid
Do you want to spend $200 on your favorite Star Wars person? Then this app controlled droid is the perfect gift for you to give. With the capability to control this little guy on your phone, and yes I mean this little RC toy is only 5 inches tall, you can conquer your home. There is a video on Amazon your have to watch to get how neat this little toy can be.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga
In the end, the coolest gift to give any Star Wars lover is definitely the complete movie saga on blu-ray. Everyone owns the old VHS tapes and it is about time you help them upgrade. I recently received this gift and haven't even opened the box because they are so nice to look at...Anywho here is the set on Amazon for around $100.00.

Next I thought I would share with you a little parody of Star Wars collectors from SNL so enjoy because we all know it is true. 

Anywho, there is a quick list of neat things you can get your favorite person last minute because you almost forget that Christmas is in less than two weeks. Moving right along I have started painting again which is nice. So far I have painted a few things but can only share one with you right now:
I mean, it's not perfect but it is pretty good since it was free hand from a little picture on my phone. 

Recently I also attended an ugly sweater Christmas party and wore the most appropriate sweater I could find:

Life has been pretty great lately. Please make sure to keep checking back for more updates and I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

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