Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hello there everyone and welcome to a wonderful Etsy Wednesday. I bet you did not think I would post again this week after my last post...Michael, but I put something together just to prove you wrong! I have not done an Etsy Wednesday in a long time so I hope you enjoy what I have found for you all! 

Here is an artistic picture of Lux for you to enjoy. 

Song of the Day:
Blink182, Down

Cherry Blossom Pendant, Teardrop Necklace

Price: $37.97 (+$6.04 Shipping)
This necklace is super cute with cherry blossom flowers that have been dried out and placed inside this lovely charm. It definitely is a little pricey since the flowers are not something you can easily obtain, but maybe you could substitute if you wanted to make your own. 

Chain Chomps Super Mario Nintendo Ear Biting

 Price: $32.50 (+$6.50 Shipping)
There are multiple shops on Etsy that have these earrings up for sale ever since the piranha plant earrings became really popular. I really think they are pretty cool. I only selected this shop because they boast that they are the original creators of these earrings. This pair is rather pricey so shop around and I bet you can find them cheaper.

My Sun and Stars - Moon of My Life - Game of Thrones necklace

Price: $13.99 (+$0.00 Shipping)
I searched around a little bit to find this item for a lower price. I highly recommend  to everyone who has not watched Game of Thrones to do so because it is really a great show if you can look past all the sex, foul language, gore, and other scenes that might offend you. Really though, I want this necklace.

Feather Necklace in Black and Gold

Price: $68.00 (+$5.00 Shipping)
 Now this necklace is definitely something you could make yourself with a simple trip to Michaels craft store. I really love how the one half of the feather appears to be dipped in gold. This item is rather pricey so like I said, get on over to your local craft store and buy a fake feather, some gold chain, and gold or silver paint. 

Price: $18.00 (+$5.50 Shipping) 
Now I really like this watercolor painting and I realize it is not an original painting but the style of the peacock is really nice. In fact, if I were to get another tattoo I would definitely pick this depiction of a peacock to place on my side.

Price: $37.00 (+$11.00 Shipping)
How adorable is this little terrarium that you can place almost anywhere in your house for guest to enjoy. This shop has many different terrariums to choose from but I love this one simply because of the cute little fox that inhabits the space. Plus the size of the bowl is rather large so the price does not seem to be too bad.

Wolf Necklace Set, Wolves making Heart, Relationship Jewelry, Half Dollar, hand cut coin

Price: $54.99 (+$6.00 Shipping) 
I absolutely love this necklace, maybe even more then the Game of Thrones one that I posted before. The price is a pretty high but the wolf heads are cut out of a half dollar coin. I would keep both sides for myself if I were to purchase this. 

Shower Thoughts:
I could not care less or I could care less
I was just having this debate with a few friends tonight so make sure you know the difference people. The correct form of this saying is, "I could not care less" because you are saying you did not care at all in the first place. To say that you, "could care less" means you were interested in the first place. You're welcome. 

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and make sure to keep checking back for more awesome post!


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