Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hello there everyone and welcome to a random Sunday post. I hope your weekend went well as we prepare for classes to begin this Thursday. I've decided to do this post on shows you should watch that are available on Netflix. If you do not have a Netflix account then get your friend's password or simply sign up because it is not that expensive. 

 First, here is Lux today. She is upset because I have not really been home a lot this weekend. In fact, she was so mad that she caught a bat, yes a real bat, and brought it into my room. So nice of her..

 A little tip I want to mention is that if you are looking for a show to watch on Netflix and cannot seem to find anything, you can download Hola which is a Firefox browser add-on that allows you to change your location to a different country and unblock thousands of new titles not available in the United States. You're welcome. 

 I randomly stumbled upon How I Met Your Mother while browsing Netflix one day for something new to watch and was instantly hooked. The show is about a crazy close group of friends and their adventures in Manhattan. Plus there are many, many episodes that you can binge watch and keep you busy all weekend. Unfortunately the last season is not available so you will have to find it elsewhere. 

I absolutely love watching House of Cards, a Netflix original series which depicts the life of an American politician who does not exactly follow the law. Kevin Spacey does a fantastic job in this show and I definitely think you should give it a shot. It is also nice that since this is a Netflix Original Series, they will upload an entire season at once so you can watch all you want!

Have you ever loved a show so much that you just never wanted it to end. Breaking Bad is one of the best shows I have ever watched and all five seasons are available on Netflix for you to enjoy. The story line follows a chemistry professor named Walter White and his adventure into the meth business. Watch it.

If you are looking for a new comedy to watch and have not watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia then you definitely need to check it out. The story line follows a group of friends that own and operate a really run down Irish pub and their adventures as business partners. Plus there are tons of episodes available to keep you busy! 

There is nothing better then watching Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman work together as Sherlock and Watson in this BBC series Sherlock. Unfortunately there are only about three episodes per season and only three seasons available so make sure you watch them slowly. 

If you are looking for yet another comedy series because you are awesome and have already seen It's always Sunny in Philadelphia, then you definitely need to watch Parks and Recreation. The story line follows the Parks and Recreation department of a town called Pawnee and the funny adventures of all the employees. 

Have you ever wanted to watch a show that was super weird and you were not always sure what was happening because it was just really off the wall? Well then you need to watch American Horror Story. What is interesting about this series is that they use the same actors every season but the story line is different. For instance the first season was focused around a house that was haunted while the season after that was an insane asylum.

Anyways there is my short list of shows to get you started on an awesome binge watching Netflix filled night and if you have already seen all of these then you are awesome. Next time I do a Netflix post I will share with you my favorite documentaries, and yes I promise they are fun to watch.


Shower Thoughts:
Now when you begin a fun night of hanging out with your friends, you need to make sure to create a rule that no one is allowed to bring up any information that is going to upset you while you are intoxicated. For instance, any information that you have to start with the phrase, "Please do not get mad", does not need to be shared while everyone is drinking. You are going to upset that person who was having a great time, causing them to get mad at you and ruin both of your nights. Do not be this person. 

Well I hope you all have a great week this week and make sure to keep checking back for more post!

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