Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello again and welcome to a random day post! I cannot help but laugh a little in this post as I tell you how my co worker and I decided on a new slogan for our department: "If The Minimum Wasn't Enough, Then it Wouldn't Be The Minimum". Pretty great right, I think we are going to have t-shirts made because that is just perfect. In actuality we do work to the best of our ability but sometimes we feel people tend to think we sit around all day. Anyways..

Shower Thought:
Why does leg hair grow so much faster then the hair on your head.
Now this one really makes me angry because I swear if my hair grew as quickly as the hair on my legs then it would be super long by now, which it is not. I'm sure someone knows the scientific explanation for this and I am sure if I really thought about it that I could figure it out. That is not the point. Feel free to comment if you would like to explain. 

Lux is being a little brat today so I do not have any cute picture to share with you guys so here is a Simons cat video to make up for it!

 Also in case you were not already aware, apparently there are a few diseases that we need to watch out for because they are popping up everywhere. Listeria in our fruit, Ebola being flown into the United States, and of course the Bubonic plague coming from Africa. Make sure to cover your cough people, not that it will help you much.

This was just a very positive post wasn't it! Well here is a parody video to make it up to you! Enjoy!


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